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2023 ArchiTeam Conference – Teamwork (Part 1/3)

3Formal points
Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services, Detailed Design and Construction Documentation, Practice Management and Professional Conduct, Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

CPD – ArchiTeam 2023 Conference – Teamwork (Part 1/3)

The 2023 ArchiTeam Conference – Ways of Working – Strength in small Practice – is an action-packed hybrid conference with satellite events to help us connect and share.

Exploring the strength in small practice with a focus on Ways of Working, investigating the critical role that small practice plays in shaping our built environment, from the smallest detail to the broader urban landscape. A diverse range of speakers from across this continent will share their practice knowledge, experiences, and processes, and how they are working collaboratively, or exploring different modes of practice to tackle major societal and environmental challenges.

The conference is organised into three themes that delve into diverse Ways of Working:


1, “Teamwork”

“Teamwork” explores different ways of collaborating and the value that small practice architects (or other built environment professionals) can bring to larger scale and cross-disciplinary projects. Speakers will share their insights into the collaborative experience on a range of project scales and types, including competitions, mixed-use inner-city projects, cultural landscapes, and First Nation perspectives. Speakers will demonstrate how collaboration can provide new business opportunities for small practice, whilst contributing to the cultural richness and environmental wellbeing of our cities and beyond.


  • N’arweet Carolyn Briggs
  • Grant Amon
  • Sarah Hicks
  • Christine Phillips (moderator)

2, “Detail”

With a focus on adaptation, resourcefulness, and re-use, how might we consider the architectural detail?

How do we as architects utilise details as a strategy of conceptual exploration, design development, and resolution, relative to a prescribed project budget/brief? This session explores the inherent capacity of small practitioners to focus on detail design – the elementary nature of material composition – as it relates to broader notions of architecture, landscape, culture, and practice.


  • Patrick Kosky
  • Brit Andresen
  • Marika Neustupny
  • Stuart Harrison (moderator)

3, “Modes”

What alternative modes of working are possible for a small practice looking for new opportunities, to channel particular passions and strengths, or as a way to unlock a more creative or economically sustainable business model? This session will explore the diverse ways in which small architectural practices have been structured and operate beyond established norms. Speakers will reflect on their practice model and processes, and the way in which they have consciously (or unconsciously) framed their practice towards making a broader contribution to society.


  • Emma Williamson
  • Anthony Clarke
  • Louise Wright
  • Rory Hyde (moderator)

Creative Directors: Ross Brewin, Adam Newman and Delia Teschendorff