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Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services
Detailed Design and Construction Documentation

CPD – Demystifying Specifications

2Formal points
Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services, Detailed Design and Construction Documentation

CPD – Demystifying Specifications

We are all told that a good specification is an important part of project documentation – but how much do we really need to know to do one effectively? Specifications can be time consuming, highly technical and well…  just a bit scary.  There is also the perception that no one ever reads them so they mustn’t be of much use!

This CPD is for those who want to be smart and strategic about how they use and manage specifications in their practice.  As architects we should know why we are using a specification and how best to optimize them for each project.

Join us for an open discussion to demystify the perceptions around specifications and give you the tools and knowledge to integrate them into your work easily and effortlessly.


Greg Blain – Archi Assist

Greg Blain is one of Australia’s leading Architectural Specification Writers. Greg will discuss the top reasons to include a specification and the risks around not having one.
As well as a brief overview of how to incorporate these effectively in any size project without it being a stress on the project.

Greg Blanch – Detail 3

Greg Blanch is an owner and director at Detail 3.  His business has supported top tier architectural firms, corporate businesses and building professionals to make sure projects are meticulously documented and delivered to the highest standards for over 20 years.

Greg will discuss the most common areas where problems occur in documentation as well as the top ways to improve your documentation quality and manage risk.

Learning outcomes:

  •           Understand the reasons why a specification is used
  •           Understand how to integrate a specification into the scale of work be undertaken in an efficient and practical way
  •           Understand the industry risks associated with potentially not having a specification
  •           To be more competent in providing high quality documentation

AACA competencies (2021-NSCA)

Detailed Design and Construction Documentation, Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services

Learning outcomes:

PC 39 – Be able to integrate the material selection, structural and construction systems established in the conceptual design into the detailed design and documentation

PC 46 – Be able to produce project documentation that meets the requirements of the contract and procurement process and complies with regulatory controls, building standards and codes, and conditions of construction and planning approvals.

PC 47 – Be able to complete and communicate on-time, accurate documents for relevant stakeholders, including drawings, models, specifications, schedules and construction documentation.

PC 58 – Complete documentation – including specifications, drawings, schedules, reports, certification and approvals