2Formal points
Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

CPD – Design for a Burning Environment

2Formal points
Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

CPD Design for a Burning Environment

During the recent catastrophic fires along the eastern coast, everyone had an opinion – but how do these changes in climate and the environment be addressed? How do we design more resilient buildings and landscapes? How do we Design for a Burning Environment?

Design for a Burning Environment is the opportunity for the following panellists to discuss ideas towards the future of design in a climate that’s experiencing more dramatic extremes in weather.


– Sally Van de Paverd – Fire Front Consultancies (https://www.firefrontreports.com.au/)

– Brad Hooper – Brad Hooper Architect

– Judy Bush https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/673852-judy-bush

– Alan March https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/5864-alan-march

Moderator: Steffen Welsch

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an activity involving iterative explorations and appraisals of a range of ideas and concepts, leading towards the development of coherent proposals for a project.

The design process extends from the evaluation of project viability to the conceptual and schematic resolution of a project in response to client, user and public requirements. The design process for a project is informed by appropriate social and environmental considerations of the architect. Although separately listed for convenience, the sequence of design phases indicated through the Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria is not necessarily linear but often comprises overlap, repetition and reiteration.


+ Learn how the design of buildings and landscapes in both cities and rural areas can respond to climate change to improve liveability, safety and longevity

+ What to be aware of when designing in a bushfire prone area

+ Understand how design can impact the protection of human life, property and strengthen a community’s resilience in the event of a bushfire

+ Learn how bushfire regulations impact design outcomes and reveal creative design opportunities

+ Learn how construction approaches and structural design can impact a building’s resilience during a bushfire

+ Identify the other impacts of climate change to be addressed during the design phase

POINTS: 2 Formal CPD points