2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD – Growing your Small Practice

2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD – Growing your Small Practice

Are you struggling under the workload and feel the need to grow your practice, but don’t know how?

We take a walk through the journey from sole practitioner to small practice owner and beyond…

Firstly let’s identify the why?

Why do you need to grow? What is your goal? Have you defined a strategy and business plan?

Growth is not always inevitable. Our speakers will discuss potential reasons for seeking to expand your practice.

Growth needs to be carefully managed. This session will address the considerations that need to be understood before committing to a growth strategy.

How do we grow?

There are many ways to grow. Which path is right for you?

Our speakers will outline some of the options for you and discuss some of the risks/benefits for each approach, whether it is outsourcing, contracting, hiring or partnering.

What resources do you need and how do you get them? We will identify some of the polices and frameworks that will be required.

Lessons learnt.

Our panel will give you insight into what has worked and what hasn’t for them in their growth journey. They will share some of their tips, tricks and pitfalls to look out for. There will be links and discussion identifying further resources to help you plan your own business growth


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the reasons for growth and the frameworks you should have in place.
  • Strategies for growth and methodology
  • Recognising the resources you require, how these can be adopted and adapted.

AACA competencies (2021-NSCA)

Practice Management and Professional Conduct – This unit of competency encompasses a holistic understanding of the organisation of the profession, practice and business of architecture, with the objective of providing value through sustainable, timely and effective professional services in accordance with the ethical and legal obligations of an architect to clients, colleagues, employees and to broader communities.