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Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD – Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for Small Practice

2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

27 May to 3 June is National Reconciliation Week. The National Reconciliation Week 2022 theme, “Be Brave. Make Change.” Is a challenge to all Australians to Be Brave and tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation. What is reconciliation? At its heart, reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, so we can Make Change for the benefit of all Australians.

The ArchiTeam board of directors and staff have recently undertaken cultural awareness training and are about to embark on developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the Co-operative. Interested members will be invited to join the RAP working group (RWG), to assist with this process. Developing a Reconciliation Action Plan is a journey and a collaborative partnership with Reconciliation Australia.

In the last 6 years over 1,100 Australian businesses have developed a RAP with Reconciliation Australia, enabling business of all sizes to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to advance reconciliation, at a level that is appropriate for their business. For architecture practices looking to embark on their own RAP – the first step begins with a commitment to contribute to Australia’s reconciliation journey, through acknowledging, respecting, and sharing the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, including an acknowledgement that every built project undertaken in Australia is on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land.

For some ArchiTeam members this may be the first time they have heard of a RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan). What is a RAP? How is it relevant to small architectural practice? As a small practice, why would you adopt one? Are there any other reconciliation initiatives we could take up, other than a RAP?

ArchiTeam encourages members to attend this important CPD event to learn more about Reconciliation Australia’s RAP program and how to become more engaged with the national reconciliation movement. Speakers include a representative from Reconciliation Australia, Amy Smith, who will provide an overview of the RAP process and a typical RAP framework, with a focus on architecture practice. Additionally, speakers from two Melbourne architecture practices, Veryan Curnow from JCB Architects and Liza Power from John Wardle Architects will provide insights into their practices RAP journey, sharing how their practices developed their vision for reconciliation and how they are implementing and continuously improving the goals of their RAP in everyday practice.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of “What is Reconciliation?”
  • What is a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and how and why is it relevant to all Architecture practice, small, medium, and large?
  • How can a small practice implement a RAP? What is the process and commitment?
  • What other cultural awareness and reconciliation initiatives can a small practice engage in?
  • EOI to join the RAP ArchiTeam working group (RWG)

AACA competencies (2021-NSCA)

Practice Management and Professional Conduct – This unit of competency encompasses a holistic understanding of the organisation of the profession, practice and business of architecture, with the objective of providing value through sustainable, timely and effective professional services in accordance with the ethical and legal obligations of an architect to clients, colleagues, employees and to broader communities.