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Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services
Detailed Design and Construction Documentation
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Scope Creep

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Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services, Detailed Design and Construction Documentation, Practice Management and Professional Conduct

Buildings and the processes we use to design them are both incredibly complex and susceptible to blowouts. We all know that managing scope creep is a difficult challenge, but what tools and insights are there to help us keep our fees and our clients’ budgets in check?

In this CPD, we will explore ways to help you better charge for services outside your fee base and keep your clients’ scope and budget on track.


  • Karen Alcock, MAArchitects
  • Geoffrey Moyle Principal, Cost Planner FAIQS
  • Victoria Reeves, Kennedy Nolan


AACA COMPETENCY: Practice Management


– Learn how to define your project and fee scope

– Learn how to better negotiate with clients to charge for work outside of scope

– Develop an understanding of actual building costs for architect-designed projects

– Develop a better understanding of how to maintain control of scope creep


POINTS: 2 Formal CPD points

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