3Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD+ Workshop – Branding & Copywriting

3Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD+ Workshop – Branding & Copywriting

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room… Or so Jeff Bezos says… so what does your architectural practice’s brand saying about you?

Your brand is a story unfolding across all your client’s touch points. Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually think about your company.

Branding and Copywriting is key to the success of any marketing strategy, and the sustainable success of all architectural practices. It is critical to projecting the right image of your practice out into the world, and to the success of winning the right projects to achieve your practice’s vision.

But how do we go about aligning our brand with a deeper sense of purpose, vision, or practice mission? How do we tell stories to attract and engage our audience, differentiate our practice from our competition, build trust and nurture, and convert our clients as they journey with our practices?

This CPD aims to provide insight into this important topic from a broad range of industry experts; a content-led digital marketer who provides marketing strategy, execution and optimisation for growing your business; a copywriting, brand and marketing strategist, and an experienced architect practitioner, along with their branding consultant to discuss their recent rebranding exercise, to gain a broad insight into this rich and critical subject.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the reasons for growth and the frameworks you should have in place.
  • Strategies for growth and methodology
  • Recognising the resources you require, how these can be adopted and adapted.

AACA competencies (2021-NSCA)

Practice Management and Professional Conduct – This unit of competency encompasses a holistic understanding of the organisation of the profession, practice and business of architecture, with the objective of providing value through sustainable, timely and effective professional services in accordance with the ethical and legal obligations of an architect to clients, colleagues, employees and to broader communities.