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Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services
Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

CPD+ Workshop – Cost Planning

3Formal points
Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services, Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

CPD – Cost Planning: Where to Start?

Cost Planning is one of the fundamental elements throughout the design and the delivery of a project. It can determine its success, as well as the client’s satisfaction. On the other hand, it can impact initial feasibility and on occasion strain client relationships along the way. Managing the budget is enmeshed within the architect’s role. But where should we begin?

When a prospective client approaches you with a brief and budget, how do you assess if their dream home is feasible at all, and at what level of detail and finishes? How do you keep track of the cost of the design that is taking shape? During the initial phase, cost planning can help to determine whether the project is feasible, while in the following stages it a useful tool for the architect in providing a design response aligned within the budget constraints.

Is there only one tried-and-true way of dealing with this aspect or are there multiple, evolving strategies available? In this CPD we ask the questions to different industries professionals, to hear their ‘modus operandi’ and present this complex subject through multiple perspectives.


Holly Phillips PlanCost Australia

Amelia Lee Undercover Architect

Duayne Pearce D Pearce Constructions

Nicola Dovey Drawing Room Architecture

ACCA COMPETENCY: Design & Project Management

Design – An activity involving iterative explorations and appraisals of a range of ideas and concepts, leading towards the development of coherent proposals for a project. The design process extends from the evaluation of project viability to the conceptual and schematic resolution of a project in response to client, user and public requirements. The design process for a project is informed by appropriate environmental, social and ethical considerations of the architect.

Project Management – The proficient, timely and cost-effective completion of an architectural project through all design and construction phases. Project Delivery must take into account the range of contractual obligations carried by architects, clients, consultants and contractors. Project Delivery involves the evaluation and implementation of procurement systems as well as appropriate contractual administration systems. The establishment and operation of project teams as well as formalising of project agreements (such as with client, team/s and contractor) is critical to competent project delivery.


By the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

• Insights from various industries professionals, perspectives and approaches to cost planning.

• Learning different strategies to determine the best approach for each specific project.

• Manage client’s expectations, discuss the usefulness of a cost plan and/or propose them alternative paths if suitable to their projects.

• Communicating with your client when scope of work and budget need to be realigned.

• Understanding obligation and responsibilities to your client.

TIME: 9am – 12pm

POINTS: 3 Formal CPD points