2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

Problems in Small Practice

2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

Effective communication is essential in order to exceed client expectations.  With considered strategies and careful pre planning, architects can improve communication with clients and stakeholders.  Andrew Stevenson will review a variety of approaches that help you and your clients connect more effectively, leading to a successful outcome, and happier clients.  Peter Hogg will then share his knowledge in small practice working partnerships, collaborations, his personal experience in dealing with clients as well as highlighting the importance of recognising your own strengths and weaknesses as an architect.  A collaborative and communicative practice works. You can’t be an expert in everything…


Andrew Stevenson – Principle at Alchimie

Peter Hogg – Director/Owner at PH Architects

AACA COMPETENCY: Practice Management


  • Initiate and grow partnerships and collaborations.
  • Managing client expectation
  • Practice management strategies
  • How to recognise your strengths and weaknesses

POINTS: 2 Formal CPD points

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