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Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

ArchiTeam Compulsory Insurance Seminar (2021)

2Formal points
Design Delivery and Construction Phase Services, Practice Management and Professional Conduct

ArchiTeam Insurance members of 2021 – 2022 policy are encouraged to attend this compulsory insurance seminar. It provides insight into the ArchiTeam Group Policy and what day to day operations of your practice can impact your insurance cover.

Please note this seminar is compulsory for all directors listed on the insurance policy. ArchiTeam will be noting attendance on member records.



• Greg Hansen, Director AusBrokers Countrywide

• Vincent Rizzuto, Broker AusBrokers Countrywide


Practice Management – the holistic understanding and organisation of the business and profession of architecture in relation to delivering projects. It involves the knowledge and execution of the processes involved in providing architectural services; the knowledge and implementation of appropriate systems to establish and maintain an architectural practice; and the knowledge and enactment of the broad range of ethical and legal obligations required of a Professional Practitioner.

Project Management/Delivery – the proficient, timely and cost-effective completion of an architectural project through all design and construction phases. Project Delivery must take into account the range of contractual obligations carried by architects, clients, consultants and contractors.

Project Delivery involves the evaluation and implementation of procurement systems as well as appropriate contractual administration systems. The establishment and operation of project teams as well as formalising of project agreements (such as with client, team/s and contractor) is critical to competent project delivery.

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