2Formal points
Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

Building Skins

2Formal points
Project Initiation and Conceptual Design

Join us for this exciting CPD in which we explore new advances a variety of cladding materials from timber cladding, including shou sugi ban to aluminum cladding systems and their construction, manufacturing techniques, finishes, fire ratings and treatments. In depth knowledge on their practical applications will also be shared.


  • Dr. Jontahn Barnett, an internationally acclaimed technical expert in fire engineering with over 38 years’ experience. As a former Professor in fire safety engineering and mechanical engineering and currently as a chartered professional engineer he has conducted fire safety research and designed numerous commercial, residential and special purpose buildings. Jonathan is an experienced expert witness who has investigated and testified about building defects and fires worldwide.
  • Grant Amon, Architect, Grant Amon Architects
  • Brad Pascoe, Architectural Representative of VIC/TAS for Hurford Group.



  • Gain an understanding in new timber products and services
  • Comprehension of the value of prefab design under the Australian Standard 1864
  • Learn about the construction processes of timber and the usages of this material in design elements
  • NCC 2016 Amendment 1’s impact on the design of external cladding
  • The use of Verification CV3 as part of a Performance Solution to allow combustible cladding
  • The use of AS5113 as part of a Performance Solution to allow combustible cladding
  • The design impact of MG14 and what is involved in gaining a Building Appeals Board determination

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