3Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD+ Workshop – Going Carbon Neutral

3Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

Take your Practice to 100% Carbon Neutral

As a key part of the construction industry, Architects cannot shy away from the fact that our projects are a BIG source of carbon emissions. Together, building and construction are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world (1) –

  • with operational emissions (from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) accounting for 28%;
  • the remaining 11% comes from embodied carbon emissions, or ‘upfront’ carbon that is associated with materials and construction processes.

Knowledge is power. And if each of us took steps to learn what actions can have the most impact to proactively take both our practices and projects Carbon Neutral, we can collectively make a very big difference to our planet indeed.

This CPD event brings together insight from practitioners & leading consultants on what steps to take our practices, projects and urban interventions to 100% Carbon Neutral by 2050. (2)

ACC COMPETENCY: Practice Management

The holistic understanding and organisation of the business and profession of architecture in relation to delivering projects. It involves the knowledge and execution of the processes involved in providing architectural services; the knowledge and implementation of appropriate systems to establish and maintain an architectural practice; and the knowledge and enactment of the broad range of ethical and legal obligations required of a Professional Practitioner.


+ Learn how to take your practice to 100% Carbon Neutral.

+ Learn some key approaches to help reduce the embodied Carbon footprint on your projects.

+ Learn how to generate the most impact on an Urban / Site planning level to create carbon sinks and minimise operational emissions.


– Jamie Sormann – Foomann Architects / ArchiTeam Advocacy Director

– Iain Smale – Managing Director at Pangolin Associates

– Toney Hallahan MPIA – Urban Planner, Environmental Manager and Futurist at Habitacity

References :

(1) : World Green Building Council report 2019

(2) : Target 2050 World Green Building Council report 2019

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