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Project Management

The Importance of ESD

1Formal points
Design, Project Management

Listen to Belinda Strickland (Professional Development and Policy Coordinator for the AIA) and Noy Hildebrand (Sustainable Design Consultant and Architect) discuss the ever growing topic of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and how an architect’s designs can incorporate ESD.

This talk will provide an insightful overview of buildings and energy covering current, as well as the proposed building code requirements.  Recent study findings will be discussed alongside available guidance material. A brief overview of shading masks and natural ventilation will keep you up to date with new techniques and materials needed for sustainable design.  This is the perfect opportunity to grow your knowledge in ESD, with opportunity to ask the experts your questions!


  • Belinda Strickland – Professional Development and Policy Coordinator for the AIA
  • Noy Hildebrand – Sustainable Design Consultant and Architect

AACA COMPETENCY: Design, Project Management


  • To understand the current and proposed regulatory requirements for building energy efficiency
  • Understand how shading devices can be evaluated
  • Learn resources and tools that may assist in meeting building compliance requirements

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