2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

CPD – Software: What do you advocate for?

2Formal points
Practice Management and Professional Conduct

Software – What do you advocate for?

Architects have come a long way from manual drafting, hand sketch perspectives for presentation and pencil in weekly planners. The advancement of technology and accessibility of devices have transformed how we design, document, communicate and manage our practices, promoting efficiency, clarity, accuracy and streamlining.

With so many different software packages available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the options.

This CPD events brings together insight from fellow ArchiTeam members on software for drafting, rendering and practice management. Listen to members sharing their working experience of various software packages, both in terms of implementation and ongoing use. The discussions will help you gather knowledge on a broad range of software, across various aspects of design and practice, to assist you in considering which may be right for your practice needs.

DRAWING (20mins)

• Revit

• Archicad

RENDERING (40 mins)

• Sketch-up

• Twin motion

• Renderings

• Lumion

• Vectorworks


• Harvest

• Coincraft

• Trello

• Asana

• Streamtime

• Tidywork

• MeisterTask

• Timeline

ACCA COMPETENCY: Documentation & Practice Management

Documentation – The process of resolving, detailing and communicating an architectural project through all project stages. The modes of documentation include modelling, drawings, specifications and schedules that can be used in the construction, contract management and handover of the project. Documentation material must be consistent with design objectives and budgetary constraints, and must conform to relevant codes and industry standards. Where supplied by consultants, documentation compliance must be verified.

Practice Management – The holistic understanding and organisation of the business and profession of architecture in relation to delivering projects. It involves the knowledge and execution of the processes involved in providing architectural services; the knowledge and implementation of appropriate systems to establish and maintain an architectural practice; and the knowledge and enactment of the broad range of ethical and legal obligations required of a Professional Practitioner.


+ Gain an overview of a number of software packages available and how they aid and benefit the architectural practice.

+ Learn the firsthand working experience of the selected software, from fellow practicing architects, including their suitability and strengths.

+ Learn what questions to ask / aspects to consider when evaluating which software packages may be suitable for your practice.

POINTS: 2 Formal CPD points