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Practice Management

CPD – Mental Health & Design for Wellbeing

2Formal points
Design, Practice Management


COVID-19 has visibly impacted how we view our world – from witnessing empty cities to ghostly airports. What is less visible but has really emerged into the forefront of the public’s consciousness is the impact that Mental Health plays in our overall sense of Well-being. Lockdowns have also revealed the deep connection between our mental-health and our surroundings.

In this event, we would like to explore multiple facets of well-being

  • A discussion of various mental health issues faced by creative professionals and strategies to improve one’s own sense of well-being
  • How the spaces we live / work in impact our well-being and what we can do to improve them
  • What to consider when trying to design future spaces in our projects that will improve well-being


  • Dr. Simon Kinsella CPConsulting – Dr Simon Kinsella has been a registered psychologist since 1993 and has delivered more than 30,000 hours of executive coaching, psychotherapy, mentoring and supervision. He has worked in the private and public hospital systems as a senior clinical psychologist.
  • Jack Noonan International WELL Building Institute – Jack Noonan serves the Asia Pacific market as Vice President, APAC, for the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Based in Melbourne, Jack’s role involves leading the technical support, market development and operations across the Asia Pacific region.
  • Laura Litcanu Unfold Architecture – Laura is a registered architect in Victoria with over 13 years of industry experience in Australia and Europe and the founder of Unfold Architecture. Her passion for psychology influenced how the studio approaches residential design, with a focus on wellbeing and mental health. She is now seeking to become a WELL Accredited Professional, as a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in our built environment.

ACCA COMPETENCY: Documentation & Practice Management

Design – an activity involving iterative explorations and appraisals of a range of ideas and concepts, leading towards the development of coherent proposals for a project.d budgetary constraints, and must conform to relevant codes and industry standards. Where supplied by consultants, documentation compliance must be verified.

Practice Management – The holistic understanding and organisation of the business and profession of architecture in relation to delivering projects. It involves the knowledge and execution of the processes involved in providing architectural services; the knowledge and implementation of appropriate systems to establish and maintain an architectural practice; and the knowledge and enactment of the broad range of ethical and legal obligations required of a Professional Practitioner.


  • Obtain various strategies from creative professionals to improve one’s own sense of well-being
  • Understand how the spaces we live / work in impact our well-being and what we can do to improve them
  • Considerations to make when trying to design future spaces in our projects that will improve well-being

POINTS: 2 Formal CPD points